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For most women, virtually all of the time, driving alone is perfectly safe. Still, we hear of exceptions to this rule, reminding us that solitary female drivers can be targeted by unsavory characters.

According to a new poll by the AA, more than eight out of 10 women can feel nervous while driving alone.

Some women feel 'some degree of fear' driving alone

The results of the poll also revealed that the over-65s are the most confident when driving alone.

Women who drive alone, no matter if it's at night or in the day, need to take a few extra precautions.

While it's important not to be overly fearful, it's smart to be on the lookout for trouble and prepared if you're confronted.

Alex Todd Brand Manager at Its4women commented "If you drive alone you can improve your personal safety by following a few simple rules. "

  • Keep your car in good mechanical condition to avoid breakdowns and allow you to react quickly if you find yourself in a bad situation.
  • Hold your keys in your hand as you approach your parked car. Don't wait until you reach the car to search for them in your purse. Experts say you're most vulnerable when you are getting into or out of your car.
  • If your car becomes disabled, lock yourself in and turn on the hazard lights until help can come.
  • Always park in a central, well-lighted place, preferably where there are attendants on duty or people passing by.

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