St Patrick namesakes have the luck of the Irish on their side

St Patrick namesakes have the luck of the Irish on their side

Nov 15, 2023

Using our unique analytical software, we can reveal that people living on the island of Ireland really are blessed when they are named Saint Patrick. 


Did you know?

People named Patrick, Pat, Paddy, Patricia and other derivatives of the saint’s name are 8.8% less likely to be involved in a car accident. 


We reviewed statistics from our 90,000 strong customer base, over the course of the last 10 years.


Discussing the finding, Kerry Beckett, its4women Manager said: “Our analytical software is extremely advanced, and we routinely conduct searches to determine risk factors and equipped with this information we look at how we can tailor our insurance policy offering to meet the needs of our customers, which is how our Black Box Telematics insurance offering evolved, it monitors driving behaviour and rewards you for safe driving.


“We currently have over 90,000 customers and service around €60m of gross written premium across Ireland.  One of our analytic team decided to run a check to see what the likelihood was of customers with the name Patrick, Pat, Patricia or Paddy being involved in an accident.


“The good news was that they were 8.8% less likely to have an accident. It would appear that St. Patrick really is looking after his own.”