Take the stress out of your family road trip

Take the stress out of your family road trip

Nov 17, 2023

Looking to try a different kind of holiday? Forget the airport hassle, with the right planning and a positive attitude, your car can bring you fun memories too!Here are some quick and easy steps to follow before your next adventure.

1. Car check

Make sure your car is in good working order. Is it time for an oil change? How’s the air pressure in your tyres? No weird clinking sounds? Is the AC working fine?

2. Plan ahead

Plan your route and stops in advance to avoid last-minute decisions and reduce stress. Make sure to include enough time for breaks and rest stops along the way.

3. Check the rules

It is important to check if you are driving through any boarders due to countries having different rules and regulations. Keep in mind, your insurance policy must cover you abroad.

4. Foreign travel cover Rest Easy – We’ve got you covered!

Our policy operates throughout the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Great Britain, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands including travel by sea between ports. The cover under your policy is automatically extended when your car is being driven or used in any of the following countries for a maximum 45 days in any one period of insurance:

  • Any other country which is a member of the European Union;

  • Switzerland, Iceland, and Norway 

For full policy details please click here Document archive

5. Pack smart

Pack all the necessary items in advance, including snacks, water, entertainment, and any medications. Use packing checklists to ensure you have everything you need.

6. Keep kids entertained

Bring along games, books, and other activities to keep kids entertained during the trip. Consider bringing a tablet or download a movie for the journey.

7. Set realistic expectations

Set realistic expectations for the trip and communicate them with your family. Let everyone know what to expect and how long the trip will take.

8. Breakdown cover

All of our Premier Plus and Telematics Plus policies give you breakdown assistance in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain. (T&C’s apply)In the event your vehicle suffers a breakdown incident or is involved in an accident in mainland Europe, recovery will normally be arranged by the local police force at your own expense. We will refund this cost to you up to a maximum of €500 upon you supplying a receipt for same. In addition, under this specific benefit, should you have the emergency requirement to avail of overnight accommodation and/or temporary replacement self-drive hire vehicle, we shall refund you up to a maximum of €250

Important Numbers
UK Breakdown Recovery: 028 9048 5219
ROI Breakdown Recovery: 01 804 4328

For full policy details please click here: Document archive

9. Take turns driving

Share the driving responsibilities with other adult passengers to avoid fatigue and reduce stress. Please be aware our policy will cover you with third party cover when  driving other cars, this extension must be stated in your insurance certificate. Always check the terms of your cover as terms may differ.(T&C’s apply)

For full policy details please click here: Document archive

10. Enjoy the journey

Remember that the road trip is an adventure and an opportunity to spend quality time with your family. Try to enjoy the journey and make memories along the way.