Terminology Explained

Terminology Explained

Nov 20, 2023

Finding the right insurance company can be daunting and confusing, but understanding all the documentation's ins and outs can be almost overwhelming!

We want your insurance to be as quick and easy as possible with Insurance 101 guide. Check out the following ten terminologies you will encounter and need to understand when purchasing insurance, making a claim, or understanding your policy.

A claim is a request for payment or compensation from an insurance
company following an insured incident.

A policy indicates the documents that represent your agreement with
your insurance provider, and it will contain several forms, endorsements,
provisions, and attachments.

Market Value
The cost of replacing your car with a car of similar make, model, year,
mileage, specification, and condition as your car was immediately before
the loss or damage you are claiming for.

Any person who makes a claim against anyone insured under this policy.

Certificate of Motor Insurance
The document you must have as proof that you have the motor insurance to
comply with the law. In Ireland, you must also display your insurance disc on
the windscreen of the insured vehicle.

A change in the terms of your policy and is printed on the schedule.

The amount you will have to pay towards a claim, i.e. your contribution.

A telematics policy involves the fitment of a GPS device to the insured car, which
monitors how the car is being driven. In addition, telematics is a mileage-based
policy; therefore, you must purchase the required number of annual miles at inception.

Driving Score Discount
The monetary discount awarded at policy renewal which shall be based
on your telematics score.

Telematics device
The device fitted to your car which provides data to us based on the use of your car.
This will either be a professionally fitted device installed by our service provider's installer
or a self-install dongle. You will be informed before purchase of the type of device that
will be used.

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