We've Raised £53,000 for Action Cancer and counting

We've Raised £53,000 for Action Cancer and counting

Nov 15, 2023

This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we are delighted to partner up with Action Cancer once again to help spread the key message to our female audience that ‘early detection saves lives’.

This year marks the second in our partnership with Action Cancers ‘Breast Friends’ campaign and we are thrilled to announce that together with the people of Northern Ireland we have raised a grand total of £53,000 so far!

Why did we choose Action Cancer?

Our business is all about protecting people and it starts with the people we serve.  Action Cancer is the only charity in the UK and Ireland to offer free breast screening to asymptomatic women aged 40 – 49 and over 70, those who fall outside the NHS screening age range (50 – 70). 

Two years ago Action Cancer became the first and only breast screening unit in the UK to use 3D breast imaging.  Using the latest digital 3D mammography to screen women aged 40-49 has proven invaluable in proving that early detection save lives and makes a huge difference.

Our shared goal is £180,000

We have promised to match every pound raised by the public over the next 3 years. By pledging to match the money raised this money will enable Action Cancer to:

  • Double the number of free breast screening appointments to local women

  • Will save approximately 15 lives

  • Provide peace of mind to thousands of women.

Get involved

For your fundraising pack get in touch with Leigh Osborne on 028 9080 3347 or email losborne@actioncancer.org.

Women aged 40-49 and 70 plus can book their free breast screening appointment either online at www.actioncancer.org or by calling 028 9080 3344