Its4women Teams Up with Action Cancer to Support Wellbeing

Its4women Teams Up with Action Cancer to Support Wellbeing

Nov 17, 2023

The Action Cancer Big Bus travelled to Coleraine last week delivering 23 breast screening and 11 health check appointments. 

The visit was funded by Its4women, as part of the company’s staff wellbeing programme., is an active supporter of Action Cancer, Northern Ireland's leading, local cancer charity. Its4women has sponsored the award winning ‘Breast Friends’ campaign since 2019, raising vital funds for the charity’s breast screening service which is available to females aged 40-49 and 70 plus who fall outside the NHS age range. The service is always free to the user. However, each appointment costs the charity £120. 

‘Breast Friends’ encourages groups of friends to get together in social settings and fundraise. Its4women matches the money raised by the general public up to a value of £30,000 per year.

The its4women team has donated £97,000 to Action Cancer since the beginning of the partnership in 2019.  Even though the pandemic seriously impacted fundraising activities carried out by the general public, its4women generously stood by their pledge and donated the maximum amount. To date its4women has donated £97,000 to Action Cancer and overall, the campaign has generated £171,500. 

With every £120 raised covering the cost of one Action Cancer breast screening appointment, the ‘Breast Friends’ campaign has provided around 1,654 breast screenings for local women.

Discussing the partnership Kerry Beckett, Marketing Manager, Its4women said: “We recognise the importance of the services provided by Action Cancer’s Big Bus. I am delighted to see our staff and the wider public availing of the fantastic services on offer in Coleraine.

“Action Cancer’s breast screening service is unique to Northern Ireland. For every 1,000 breast screenings Action Cancer detects six cancers. This means the ‘Breast Friends’ partnership with its4women has potentially saved the lives of nine females, while giving peace of mind to hundreds of others.  Similarly, the health check is an important assessment that can detect health conditions such as irregular blood pressure or high cholesterol. It offers a timely lifestyle review, as well as providing cancer awareness information.”

Action Cancer's Public Fundraising Manager, Leigh Osborneadded:

“The health check service is available to men and women over the age of 16 and again is free to the user but costs the charity £50 per appointment. Both services are available in Action Cancer House in Belfast and on board the Big Bus, proudly supported by SuperValu and Centra which travels to 200 locations across Northern Ireland every year.

“Action Cancer’s services have never been needed more. In Northern Ireland someone receives a cancer diagnosis every hour of every day and one in two of us will receive a cancer diagnosis in our lifetime. While cancer rates are on the increase, early detection and improved treatments mean survival rates are improving.” 

With no regular government funding Action Cancer is reliant upon community and corporate fundraising in order to deliver its services at Action Cancer House, on board the Big Bus and at 14 regional locations.

To find out more about Action Cancer’s range of services, which are available to men, women and children, please visit or call 028 9080 3344.