Benefits of owning a Dash Cam

Benefits of owning a Dash Cam

Nov 20, 2023

Dash cams are small cameras that you can put on both the front and rear of your vehicle to increase security through recording your journeys. This technology device is popular for cars, motorbikes, and cyclist. Thanks to technology, some dashcams can now turn on and record when they sense your car is knocked in parking mode, giving you peace of mind when away from your vehicle.

One way to protect yourself should the unexpected happen is to buy and install a one of these devices. This can then protect you against any false or fraudulent insurance claims, deters theft and avoids possible damage. Depending on the lens and the quality, a dash cam can range between £50 - £250. This device may seem pricey, but they are worth it for the protection they offer.

Tips and benefits:

1. Protection against fraudulent insurance claims

We’ve all heard the stories of people staging accidents or intentionally causing
damage to their own vehicles to file fraudulent insurance claims. A dash cam will
help protect you against these scams and reduce time when settling a claim.

2. Offer you increased safety and security

Dash cams will help you to feel safer while driving, knowing there is an extra set
of eyes to capture footage of any accidents or incidents that might occur on the road.
This footage can then be used in the case of any disputes as evidence.

3. Deter car theft

High tech dash cams can track your car If it has been stolen or vandalised due to
the parking mode feature being able to detect motion. In some cases, a flashing
recording light is enough to deter someone breaking into your car.

4. Installing the device

If you have already bought this device, you must ensure it is installed correctly and
is not obstructing your view when driving. According to the Data Protection Commission,
Dash cams can be outward or rear-facing and can record video of the road ahead
and/or of occupants of the vehicle. Installation services are also available from qualified
auto electricians.

5. Ensure your dash cam has night vision

Many car theft and damages occur during the night. It is important to ensure your
camera always has clear visibility.

6. Store your footage

if you do not store your footage in an external drive or upload it onto a cloud storage
system, you will not have access to it in the event of your car being stolen.
A computer, phone or tablet can be a safe place to transfer them to a more permanent place.

7. Record your car journeys and relive scenic drives

Have some fun! dash cams will also record some amazing footage while driving through
beautiful landscapes and coastal drives. This ensures your full attention is kept on the
journey and no recording devices will be distracting the driver.

Please inform yourself of the data protection rules and regulations correctly before
installing a dash cam in your vehicle, especially regarding sharing your footage.

Stay safe!