Fuel Up to Save Up!

Fuel Up to Save Up!

Nov 20, 2023

Fuel prices can be as unpredictable as our weather, fluctuating for various reasons. Thankfully, you can still reign in your spending with these savvy strategies:

Check your tyre pressure

Let’s be honest – our trusty tyres don’t get the attention they deserve. Staying on top of your tyres can make a world of difference to your driving and your wallet.

As the temperature drops, so does your tyre pressure, during the colder months these checks are crucial. Your tyres must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm for the right grip on the road. Also keep an eye out for signs of uneven wear as this can also lead to tracking or suspension issues.

Try to avoid shorter journeys

Why not encourage yourself to get your steps in? Quick car trips are not ideal for fuel efficiency. Your car engine needs time to reach optimum temperature before it begins to reach its full potential.

Top tip - the next time you have an important errand to run, try to cover all of them in one longer journey and even go the scenic route.

Steady on the brakes!

A constant stop and start motion with a harsh brake can put pressure on the engine and get in the way of your ideal smooth journey. Try to anticipate the road ahead for a smooth drive, this may be difficult to avoid during traffic of course but remembering to slow down will help you avoid coming to a complete stop.

The little things

Air conditioning, heavy equipment in the car or even having the windows down can all lead to more fuel usage. It’s easy to forget the little things that can all add up! These simple measurements can save your car fuel and energy.

Don’t get weighed down and clear out your car, removing heavy equipment can improve your mileage.

Did you know? Your air conditioning can increase fuel consumption by 8-10%, having the windows down can be the smarter choice during short journeys but ensure they are back up when on the motorway as this will have an even higher impact.

Simplify your journey, use GPS

Imagine a road trip with no diversions or discussions about who’s fault the wrong turn was. Using a satnav means embarking on adventures will be a breeze! Leaving no time or fuel to waste!

Are you in the right gear?

Picking the right gear is essential for that smooth journey. Avoid making your car struggle and choose wisely, opting for a higher gear can save you fuel and any other possible damages. However, always stay within the speed limit, drive smart! 

Remember, taking control and making mindful choices means you are also contributing to a more eco-friendly way of driving too.